Hello my name is Byron I'm Australian I draw anime mostly so if you would like just send me a request and I will get around to it :)

24th August 2014


You might wanna skip this its just about my life since Friday afternoon

So I have to go out in public on Monday and I really don’t want to I haven’t spoken very much since my bestfriend decided to give up on the friendship she won’t answer texts, calls, or inboxes and she won’t even consider becoming friends with me again and you know what it’s difficult on me I don’t know how she is able to do it she said it was hard for her but I don’t know what to believe anymore I don’t even know why she ended it I’ve possibly given a total of 10 sentences if that and I’m barely seen anymore I’ve shut out my family and friends I’ve even gone as far as rejecting calls, I have not answered texts and any inboxes I have been appearing offline on xbox and I haven’t eaten or slept since I don’t know what I’ve done wrong I’m a loyal person to all my friends they don’t ask me to be there for them but I do it anyway no matter how much shit has gone down sure I get very annoying but don’t we all? But all I want is to have things back to how it was I’m sorry for everything that I may have done I truly am.

23rd August 2014


Is it bad to shut out everyone including your parents when your best friend who knows nearly everything about you says that they can’t be friends with you? Because if it is well it looks like I’m going to be a bad person over the next few days and my weekend is going to be shit and the rest of my life is going to be fucking demeaning.

9th August 2014


So this pizza contains black seeded chilies (or “peppers” which ever one you prefer to say) chilie flakes, hot salami and the usual chilies they use in the bakery.
After this video was finished recording I had to wait 10 minutes then down all of the water.
I successfully completed the bet but during the 10 minutes my body was trying to give out on me my body heat had risen to about 3 times the normal amount, my neck radiated heat so much you could feel it if you were standing next to me.

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31st July 2014

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You know what I want? A teen wolf spin off about the Hale family members and their stories up until the fire.

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31st July 2014

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My dreams have been getting weirder more than I would like them to be.

28th July 2014


I don’t get it.. Why do people love being single I fucking hate not having someone in my life that I can be myself without being looked at funny I miss being able to cuddle up with someone at night or even whenever we are watching movies I miss waking up next to someone who cares so much about me I miss everything that comes with being in a relationship.

28th July 2014

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gamers dont take hot showers

they take image-y ones


Don’t tell them. Don’t you dare tell them.

28th July 2014

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I just bought a new journal. I wasn’t going to buy it. But this page sold me.

Where did you get this? I want it

I want it. I want it now.

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28th July 2014

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Hungry, Tired and Horny

This is not a good combination to have when single ._.

22nd July 2014


Teen wolf season 4 episode 5

Don’t fuck with the alpha or you’ll get the claws

Also is the key to code for the list of name on the deadpool is those who they loved who have died? does that mean the next name is styles mother? Or is it Boyd or Erica? And what is up with Derek and his powers?

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